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Clean Judo

Beyond being one of the most prestigious and universal Olympic disciplines, Judo is more than sport - it is also an acknowledged educational tool and a way of life enriched by a moral code and ethic values that have firmly withstood the trial of life.

Owing to those values and ethical approach that are inscribed in the DNA of the sport, the International Judo Federation is fully committed to fight against any kind of cheating. A clean and fair play sport is important to promote a better society, which can offer a direction in life to the young generations.

Respect, honesty, self-control, friendship, courtesy, honor, courage and modesty - the eight values of the judo moral code are taught to every judoka from the first time they enter a dojo. This code is entirely incompatible with procedures that would go against the spirit of the sport.

Judo is and will always be a bastion against bad and blameworthy behavior. Anyone who disrespects the values of Judo shall be immediately and strongly sanctioned.

Doping has no place within the world of Judo, neither does competition manipulation or match fixing.

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